thoughts on School Days

Article originally on Updated on 12th Dec 2008
available on crunchyroll/veoh

Katsura has some scarily huge breasts. Despite that, she still was the girl I chose in the game, excepting the fact that Makoto still attempted to sex Sekai despite my choices >_<

School Days consist of 12episodes of a love triangle.

“In the school, three guys met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories.”

Makoto has been admiring Kotonoha from afar, as he takes the same train as her. One day, he takes a picture of her with his cellphone. Sekai, the girl who sits next to him for the new semester, sees the photo and decides to help Makoto get his dream girl. However after Makoto goes out with Kotonoha, Sekai finds out she loves Makoto too, kissing him before he boards his train.

And so starts the romantic yet funny love story of the three.

Or it would seem so.

What the story synopsis fails to tell the viewer is that Makoto begins going down the slippery slope of being an idiot into a lecherous un-caring idiot; Sekai from a genki girl into a psychotic backstabbing bitch and Kotonoha into a mentally scarred girl in denial of her situation. Or perhaps, that was just their original personality, and their crushes and lusts only revealed what they truly were.

From a game to an anime, the transition turns what was originally a cartoon-ish violent sex-filled orgy, into a scary violent sex-filled tragedy.

I think it’s scary because the characters are roughly the same age as me. It could happen(albeit much less dramatic) to any high school student caught up in the world of crushes, where going steady is as important as breathing.

Any typical male can potentially become in Makoto. While he is initially shy around girls, not even daring to approach them, after he starts to do Public Display of Affections with his girlfriend, he becomes bolder and more perverted, culminating in having sex(while still being attached!) with three schoolmates.

Of course, if the characters had went to a counselor, or just plain gotten over breaking up, everything would have been prevented. But there never are any therapists in TV shows.

I mean, for crying out loud. If a girl in your class suddenly shouts she’s pregnant, does nobody even care to call a teacher for help? But I guess, it also shows how uncaring the environment is, as the finale shows the school getting on just fine, even with the absence of three students.

The characters lose all redeemable qualities as the show progresses but perhaps the one who had some hope was Kotonoha, and she suffered a mental breakdown due to Makoto’s cheating.

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