Toradora 11

Well, Toradora 11 reveals more of Taiga’s stories and in their own little ways, show us more of each character’s personalities

Minori is truly perplexing. After allowing Ryuuji’s advances, she rejects him by becoming utterly random.

[Outside classroom]
Ryuuji: About the UFOs.. (because she asked him to go UFO hunting with her)
Minori: Instant noodles are truly the enemies to diet warriors.
Ryuuji: Huh?
Minori: May God bless us *enters classroom*
Ryuuji: *speechless*

Ami is more of the same third party, saboteur, attention whore etc. But I feel, she has slightly shown her true self to other people(ie. other than the main cast) more often

Taiga was very bitchy and violent. I guess it can’t be justified, but I feel Ryuuji’s pain

Toradora still remains my current favourite and the only anime I’m following right now, the rest are backlogged seasons. I really like the dynamic interactions between the characters. This is how anime should be. People may say its a generic tsundere anime(even to have the resident tsundere voiced by Teh Rie of Zero no Tsuikama and Shakugan no Shana fame) but they are more human than the two dimensional types in typical fare.

Toradora likes to start with peaceful scenes like this
Aisaka and Minori
Taiga and Minori
Student Council President's legs
The student council president sits damn manly
Taiga vs. Ami
We need to see how Ami managed to tear Taiga’s pants

Taiga's chest
How flat…

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