Toradora novels

Bought novels 1 and 2 of Toradora!. Surprisingly good, even in Traditional Chinese form. I am quite surprised at the speed at which the anime went through the chapters. The 1st half of novel 1 was covered in an episode.

The anime diverges from the source material in revealing more of Ryuuji’s thoughts.

The book describes Ryuuji’s OCD-ness and has a well-written male gaze of Aisaka Taiga. You get the feeling that Ryuuji is more manly, he is at least slightly physically attracted to Aisaka Taiga instead of being purely crushing on Minorin. Even when a guy likes a girl, he will still find other girls good-looking. Single person sexuality probably doesn’t exist in the real world, evolutionarily it’s a sure fail characteristic.

I have not read the 2nd novel, so I can’t say anything about Ami Kawashima(who appears as early as episode 4 in the anime)

I definitely find the novels are more towards showing the Taiga-Ryuuji relations, at least in the first volume. Until I read more, I cannot compare the relations between Ryuuji and the other girls in the novel and anime. However, I will say that novel Ryuuji is definitely portrayed more true-to-life while anime Ryuuji is more harem-ish but endearing.

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