Review of Moyashimon

This review can be read in under 60seconds

Moyashimon is a 12 episode anime which details the start of university life for Tadayasu Sawaki, a young man who can see microbes(in uber cute form!)

It’s an above average anime. Production values are quite good and the story is quite wacky. Although it’s a short journey, you really feel all the cast have matured in the end. The theme of the anime has also been fully fleshed out. oh yeah, stick around for the TRAP near the end.

Watch it if:
you like biology or more specifically, microbiology
you like interesting characters whose personalities are not torn into shreds due to a sucky plot**coughcodegeasscough**

Don’t watch it if:
You need action in your anime
You dislike traps

Cast of Moyashimon(Bacteria)

Yet another reason to watch, 3rd after microbes and trap.

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