Amagami 2

No screencaps but if you really cared about that you would be reading some weekly updated review blog right?

The speed of the anime is unexpected, although if you’re trying to fit all of the paths into 1 or 2 seasons you really have to rush through things. After the rejection, things start to quickly turn around for our main character, ending with a kiss for our lucky lad.

Finding a non-nude pic was hard

The production quality seems to have faltered after the first episode. Movements don’t look very smooth. But overall a good job thanks to the stellar character designs and the service shots which were enjoyable yet not overbearing.

Morishima is a combination of the school idol and the genki girl

It looks like the next episode has the kiss in the shed scene hinted in the OP. Might be a sex scene if it is not an anime adaptation of a PS2 visual novel which means double the “No way we can put sex in this thing”.

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