Strike Witches

This basically sums up the series and my reaction to it

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Now that Strike Witches is into its 2nd season I feel I have to share my history with it. Circa ’08 I first heard of strike witches via Sankaku Complex and immediately dismissed it as the same kind of otaku-pandering shit that’s nearly everything wrong with anime. Well, I was not that far from the truth but Strike Witches was(is) truly a masterpiece. It perfectly combined many niche fetishes into one cute unbeatable package.

I'm definitely on this train

Sukumizu(school swimswuit), animal ears, girls with guns, mecha musume(girls as mecha), military uniforms, girls with swords and not to mention the various character archtypes. The icing on the cake is of course the fact that they are all not wearing pants. The “they can’t wear skirts because they will interfere with their magic and striker units” excuse is pretty weak because Miyafuji and her BFF don’t wear any anything in their school although only one of them is a magic user. But let us admit it here, a world where girls don’t wear any pants is a pretty awesome world.

To anybody who still doubts the power of cute girls flying in the sky, let a convert preach to you: the action is good, the lesbian action is cute and it really is an enjoyable 12episodes(although the first two are kinda lame). If you’re still not looking likely to inject some witches into your life, I will let the pictures do the talking.

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