Amagami Three

So Amagami Three takes a turn for the slightly weird. Some creative but embarassing roleplaying takes place which caused me to pause while watching it. Seriously, it’s like watching a couple PDA in public. I know how all the people watching them in the cafeteria feel. Also, supposedly the other voice actresses and actors left the sound booth because they couldn’t take it anymore.

Despite what xFarron says

I only laughed zzz omg don’t pollute the anime pleaseee

This episode takes “let’s do some scenes that look wrong but aren’t” into a whole new level. It’s a paradigm shift. No longer will I be satisfied with mere innuendo. I want some downright dirty pretend play. I’m kidding, of course. Enjoy some screenshots I’ve recently relearned to take:

Not so much innuendo but well-placed service shot

Back-of-the-knee will become a listed fetish on wikipedia, mark my words

The pic above had sounds straight out of an ero-anime. I can’t put it here so just imagine or watch the episode.

Yay it's totally-not-body-fluid-soup!

All accusations of pornography aside, episode three felt filler-ish. While the two actually had some decent physical action I just felt like they could have done something else that didn’t involve pretending to be a puppy. I’m still ambivalent towards Tachibana-kun. Obviously he’s VN Protaganist #5601 but he does have a little wit about him. Morishima has grown to me over the 3 episodes from rage inducing flirt to kind of cute. Too bad we only get one more episode of her. But it does mean we’re one episode closer to diet girl Rihiko and her finger sucking. I swear this anime has some really creative substitutes for an actual sex scene

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