Strike Witches S2 02

A little late for this review but what the heck.

The legendary witches: True to the episode’s name, we see the return and the reunion of the heroic strike witches. The battle scene is great even if some footage is reused. I really really like how the service shots blend into the aerial scenes. Much better than most of the talking buttocks in season 1. Of course S1 had the aerial fan-service too but I really prefer these kind of incidental shots. AIC is already giving Gonzo a run for their money in their production.

Mio’s new VA manages to impress, although her laugh will never be the same for me. To be honest though, she has a spot-on imitation of the old voice and dare I say, a much better characterization of Mio.

Props too to Perrine who is no longer such a bitch. She’s kinda cute now in fact.

Sakamoto Mio makes her presence felt despite losing the ability to conjure shields

White suits Mio very well.

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