Thoughts on Amagami and Strike Witches

Because I’m too lazy to do a real review.

I’ve personally enjoyed the arc with the exception of perhaps that one fetish scene. Tachibana may have all the personality of a well-grown potato but he does show some creativity. I’m still not sure I can endure a full 13 or 26 episodes of him though.

Haruka has a good VA and wacky personality but that’s about it. She’s also ridiculously easy to chase. The fault probably lies on the 4-episode-long nature of the series. Tachibana definitely has more chemistry with Kaoru. I wonder which body part will she display to Tachibana though?

Strike Witches Episode 3 doesn’t allow one room for much discussion except on censorship in mass media. Strike Witches Episode 4 is definitely one of the best episodes ever though. Delicious fan service, character development and yet another well-animated and choreographed fight. AIC really outdid themselves this time.

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