The word “otaku”

Alright, kids I haven’t written on any manly shit lately so I’m kinda making up for this. (I blame moe moe anime like K-on!! for making me soft and unmanly)

As you may already have guessed, I shall be speaking of the word “otaku”. How should a masculine specimen of manhood like yours truly respond when somebody points the accusatory finger of doom and says “you are an otaku”? One should never affirm or deny this. Although some may find it a term to be promoted into, I find it akin to a black calling another black a “nigger”.

“Otaku” was originally a derogatory term and I feel that its negative connotations exist even as this group of people have become a new demographic in the Anime industry. It would be much better if perhaps we can develop a new term to replace otaku. Like Richard Dawkins and his “brights” we may be called…well actually I can’t think of a good name. Can you?

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