A little apology for AFA

After I read this article I couldn’t help feel a tiny tinge of pain.They say the truth hurts and it does. AFA’s organization has hardly improved and the increasing price discrimination is abhorrent but I must say something in defense of AFA.

I shall be posting quotes from the article since the link itself is interspersed with many photos.

One week prior to the event, tickets were made available online. However, AFA chose to distribute the tickets through some completely unprofessional blogs. One of them was even some shabbily put together Live Journal page. I sure as hell wasn’t going to trust such a site with my credit card information.

Singapore isn’t well-known for it’s webpage designers. Most of these sites were for real brick-and-mortar stores to update their latest goods and I presume the “shabbily put together LiveJournal page” refers to locally well-known anime goods shop Rapid Culture. As far as the actual stores are concerned they are almost household names in the local otaku community and I could see why AFA chose to distribute them in this way. It was only unfortunate then that the writer seemed unfamiliar with these “blogs”.

…anime, manga and whatever else passes off as “Japanese” culture these days.

and later,

Still would had been nice to have everyone with glow sticks cheering for AKB48, who are currently Japan’s Number One artists, as opposed to a bunch of anisong singers who spend their entire year going from one overseas convention to another.

The name of the convention is  <ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA> of course, these “bunch of anisong singers” are going to get a big reception. Despite its motto of “maximum JPOP culture” AFA is always going to be a anime/manga focused event. AKB48 may be more popular than Aniki, but they were always going to be a side-event. They were probably only flown here thanks to the group’s founder appearance for the Cool Japan conference. Speaking of which, is the Japanese government’s own effort to spread Japanese “culture” to other countries. So can we judge what they claim is their own culture?

What I don’t get is that while the maids cafes are empty throughout the year in Singapore, throwing in the fun of queuing seems to make it a brand new experience.

Well you know how Singaporeans are. And Otakus in general. ‘EXCLOOSIVES?’ QUEUEQUEUEQUEUE This is something I’ve observed from photos and accounts of events like WonFes and Comiket. Really, Singaporeans+Otaku is a class skilled in the art of Queuing. Yours truly is perhaps an exception to that. Blame my ADHD for being unable to stay in a queue for long.

That concludes it for now. It’s only a few paragraphs but this does gives you an idea of how little there is to defend. I would write my own views on the events but it would probably be yet another complaint-filled list that’s similar to everybody else’s.

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