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Naisho no Hanashi full lyrics

So yes, here is my first translation. I made no attempts at rhyming or to make it sound really poetic. I really am far too unskilled for that. Here’s a rough and straight attempt at Claris Naisho no Hanashi. You … Continue reading

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More weeaboo shit on my blog

As I am right smack middle in a phase of my life where I have the most free time, I believe it is time to move this blog in a new direction. It is time to practise my Nihonese(Japanese for … Continue reading

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Nisemonogatari ED lyrics translation

“It’s too obvious that you’re interested in that girl in a school uniform. Even though I’m beside you, what do you think you’re doing? Don’t think that I will be beside you forever. Certainly, someday, somewhere, somebody will have me, … Continue reading

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