Humikane 2012

Nothing is more admirable than a man who can do what he loves everyday.

The time has come, gentlemen. The time has come for a man to be made famous among all of nerd-dom for reaching the pinnacle of loving the arts and providing even more in return.

Every day, girls between the ages of 12 and 19 are drawn by a person with a deft hand and a thought for cuteness. These beautiful girls are first spread through Twitter, then through imageboards, forums and boorus. Yet, even though many lonely otaku view these drawings as their soul mates for life, few know of the creator of these heavenly beings. Perhaps they just do not care who gave birth to these personalities that have capture their heart.

One of the many angels created by Humikane

However this is not just a man who draws for mere profit or glory. This is a man who loves what he does. He loves young girls. He loves history. And he loves mecha.

An early work of Humikane, showing how he has started to master the blend of his two loves

From his twitter,!/humikane it has been observed that Humikane enjoys the mecha genre: Gundam, Rockman, Super Sentai are all works mentioned by him.  It is not just this love of mecha, but of sci-fi and guns. Humikane has played Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 3 and Gears of Wars. He has watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes. This is a man with sci-fi in his blood. It runs rich and red.

Humikane’s most famous creation is probably the Strike Witches franchise. An alternate universe in which historical ace pilots have been remolded as young girls fighting against an alien invasion. Again the care and research shows. Many a history trivia has been included in the anime and also, the many short stories Humikane have written. It is made evident, implicitly and explicitly that he has read many of the memoirs and biographies of these war heroes. He does not trod on the memories of these by-gone heroes(except for Charles Yeager who is still very much alive as of writing) but reinvigorates them in the form of attractive females.

Strike Witches, probably the poster child for Humikane's works

The strike witches concept came from a previous franchise created by Humikane, mecha musume(lit. mecha girls). He has also done design work for Konami’s Busou Shinki line of action figures, which similarly combine cute girls and the mecha genre. Lastly, he also did the character design of Sky Girls. This is a creator not afraid of sowing his seeds far and wide.

Even if you are not a fan of his works, or the genres he specializes in, you need to admire him for his steadfastness and passion. He represents what all men and geeks should strive for, the love of a subject and the drive to pursue it. Hobbies need not be mere hobbies, but can even be your livelihood.

Here’s to Humikane. Spread the word.

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