Seriously, do people still follow aniblogs now? It seems that blogs are no longer the primary source of news/discussion now. Personally at least, the main places of discussion are 4chan and twitter, where short snippets are thrown around and links are shared. The major blogs I used to read are mostly ruins now, with the exception of Karmaburn. Though it did went inactive for a few times(explained as epiphanies) it has never gone down. One of the first blogs I’ve read, Darkmirage has but all been whittled down by that beast called University. Even RIUVA, a powerhouse with a host of writers has been derelict since mid-2011.

There are still many anime blogs out there, but they are mostly of the weekly review genre and I have never been a fan of those. Even my personal attempt at writing one now quickly stopped. Anime, is in my opinion, fast and cheap entertainment along the likes of a meal at Subway. Hence, weekly reviews never really hooked me in. What I did like were editorial style reviews, snappy troll bait and articles interspersed with pictures hauled from boorus. No surprises then, that this is what my little corner has settled on.

Like I’ve said, twitter and chans are where I go now, and news can be quickly accessed through word of mouth. Centralised places of discussion like forums and blogs almost seem outdated. Blog writing, it seems, has competition in facebook status updates or even their notes functions. Perhaps blogs will one day go the way of books, seen as stuffy academic places or underground journalism.

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