The K-on!! movie

Just watched the K-on movie through less than scrupulous means. I would spoil you but there’s not much to spoil.  The movie is the light music club being the light music club with language barrier jokes and the sights and sounds of London. It is also exceedingly well animated, even with the usage of CGI. As it might be described in Japanese the animation is 無駄にハイクオリティ(wastefully high quality).  Most of the movie felt like an episode of the series without detracting the silver screen sheen. Comedic timing is spot-on. Cute moments aplenty. Insert songs are catchy. K-on the movie is probably the perfect 空気系(slice-of-life) anime.

The London Eye is a prominent landmark in all the beautiful London scenery. Taken from

Azusa also featured heavily in the movie. It follows how S2 seems to be the light music club from Azusa’s perspective(although there were focus episodes for all the members). The staff are not subtle in bringing out the point: The relationship between Yui and Azusa. Some people have a vocal dislike for Azusa, however,  I do think she’s important and especially endearing for me, because I’ve always known K-on as a 5 member team. More on this some other time.

However I think the movie gave me a slightly bad aftertaste after the sweetness, like the kind one might get drinking Coca-cola light. The plot progresses mainly on “what we should get Azusa” which evolves to “the perfect lyrics for the song”. However I didn’t feel much tension or heart wrenching. I do understand that a non-story is part of the SoL genre, yet I still felt something was lacking in the ending. Or rather, I felt the movie could have ended earlier. The ending bits feel a tad superfluous. It’s basically a rehash of the last episode. It was only required to wrap up the whole thing. To me, it kinda felt just like something they had to put in and round up the whole kouhai-senpai theme.

In the end though, it’s still a decent movie. But are Londoners really that friendly I wonder?

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