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Yoshiwara Lament lyrics translation

I will gladly buy her, no please let me buy her! The singer is quite obviously a courtesan as Yoshiwara was the redlight district of pre-war Japan. Low ranked ones were displayed behind grilles, exactly like bird cages. Higher ranked ones, known … Continue reading

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Renai Circulation lyrics+translation

Here is an oldie but goodie. I don’t plan on being relevant on this one, just a little task for me to really test my understanding skills. Do disregard this if you are looking for a really good translation. However, … Continue reading

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Naisho no Hanashi full lyrics

So yes, here is my first translation. I made no attempts at rhyming or to make it sound really poetic. I really am far too unskilled for that. Here’s a rough and straight attempt at Claris Naisho no Hanashi. You … Continue reading

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