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Bakemonogatari: An opinion

So in my spare time I read the translated light novel of Bakemonogatari(or at least what Baka-tsuki has). Despite what Shaft might want you to believe, it isn’t all about being pretentiously smart or artsy. Or it could just be the Japanese … Continue reading

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thoughts on School Days

Article originally on blogger.com Updated on 12th Dec 2008 available on crunchyroll/veoh Katsura has some scarily huge breasts. Despite that, she still was the girl I chose in the game, excepting the fact that Makoto still attempted to sex Sekai … Continue reading

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On subtitles

Or more specifically, fan-subs. Personally, I find such fan-subs to be of no threat to the anime DVD industry. Why? Because those who do not plan on buying anything in the 1st place, won’t care. If you cut off the … Continue reading

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